Strategy and leadership in health care

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The CEO as Strategist The chief executive officer's job is to orchestrate a value advantage.

A Good Strategy Requires Focus  Appropriate focus, neither too narrow nor too broad, leads to a better future.

Overestimating the Importance of Culture Culture doesn't eat strategy for lunch; it eats weak leaders.

A Leader's Vision The plan a leader has for an organization relies on stories, meaning and purpose.

What Strategy Is  A strategy outlines a path to success.

The Impossibility of Predicting the Future   While short-term predictions have some merit, long-term predictions are worse than useless.

Staying Power   Like cities, academic medical centers appear destined to last.

Harnessing Luck  Good hospital leaders allow their organizations to take advantage of accidents.

Economies of Connection  Pursue those mergers and acquisitions that provide the best opportunities to connect caregivers and develop high value networks.

ACO Role Models  While ACOs may not realize the promised savings for some time, some health care organizations are well on their way to providing real accountable care.

The Reform That's Already Happening  Physician practices and convenience clinics need to shift from cottage industries to efficient retail entities.

CEOs Under Scrutiny  Hospital board members are rethinking their CEO's ability to lead.

Defining the Brand  A hospital's reputation is its brand, for better or worse.

Popular Myths about Mergers and Acquisitions Hospital executives tell themselves many falsehoods when they're preparing to join another organization.

Bond Rating Delusion  Don't put too much confidence in an A bond rating: the grade may not reflect hidden financial problems.

A Six-Cornered Triangle A simplistic, old model of health care has become vastly more complex.

The Importance of Proximity
 Nearness - to colleagues, to information, to the hospital - is invaluable.

The Marriage of Medicine, Leadership and Management A book by Floyd Loop, M.D., retired Cleveland Clinic CEO, provides plenty of lessons for leaders in health care as well as other fields.

Physician Involvement in Hospital Strategic Planning
Most physicians want to know that their hospital has a plan for the future and they want to influence the shape of that future.

The Illusion of Size
Growing too big too quickly can bring more harm than good to a health care organization.

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