Strategy and leadership in health care

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"Outstanding leaders know how to ask questions - the right questions."

Peter Drucker

Faith-Hope-Science -- Mayo Clinic How a remarkable institution has met the changing demands of health care for 150 years.

Affiliations: Community Hospital Perspectives Mutual expectations and shared commitments are key to a robust affiliation.

Building High-value Affiliations
The Medical University of South Carolina has proven particularly adept at generating clear value for its affiliate partners and itself.

Confronting Turbulence to Secure the Future Achieving sustainability in uncertain environments will benefit from understanding the nature of turbulence and the most effective ways to navigate it.

Obtaining Results from a Strategic Plan
Creating strategies is only the start - leaders must help their organization pursue them.

The Feel of Value
Experts develop a sense for their work that tells them when something is right or wrong.

How Networks Create New Opportunities for Growth The value of a network is generated by economies of connection rather than economies of scale.

A Little-known Asset That Can Shape Your Hospital's Culture A health system's past forms its present-day values and strategy.

Group Practice in Rural America
The long-lived success of institutions such as Marshfield and Geisinger offers valuable insights.

8 of America's Most Strategic Health Systems
Strategies that eight of the nation's leading health systems have followed to create value.

How to Make Strategic Planning Work for Your Health Care Organization A good strategy requires focus, openness and commitment.

10 Surprising Keys to Strategic Thinking for Health Care CEOs
When thinking about strategy, a leader needs to focus on value and differentiation - not being big and bold.

The Most Important Characteristic in a CEO? Strategic Muscle
The ultimate responsibility for ensuring organizational relevance and sustainability lands on one desk - the CEO's.

Sustaining Competitive Advantage for Academic Medical Centers
Ensuring that strategies are sustainable requires a deliberate and incremental approach.

How to Foster Innovation in Health Care Delivery
 Collaboration is a necessity for health care innovation.

The Need for a Team of Teams Gen. Stanley McChrystal's book illustrates the importance of adaptability and resilience in the face of unpredictability in warfare, health care and other spheres.

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