Strategy and leadership in health care

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Strategy Is At The Center Of All We Do

The Beckham Company provides comprehensive strategy planning to hospitals, health systems and physician organizations. We've built our reputation by focusing on one thing - helping health care organizations create strategies that secure their future in turbulent environments. We've helped develop strategic plans for more than 150 clients nationwide.

Since 1983, we've built our reputation on three cornerstones - the quality of thinking we bring to our engagements, the quality of our involvement with the client and the quality of results we help create. Few firms of any size speak or write more on the topic of strategy in health care than The Beckham Company. Our clients tell us we bring an unrivaled level of personal commitment to their strategic success. And most importantly, the plans we help develop get implemented and produce significant results.

There are critical aspects of our strategy work that set us apart. We involve physicians in planning in a way that builds their commitment and trust. Each year, we personally interview more than 200 physicians as part of our engagements.

The second aspect of our strategy work that distinguishes us is our strong experience in generating profitable growth. The success of today's health care enterprise depends on profitable market share. We take the view that market success requires a deep understanding of the needs and desires of consumers as well as the capabilities and intentions of competitors.

The Beckham Company provides a wide range of consulting services - services that span from strategy formulation to implementation. We work closely with the client to:

●  Collect and analyze Strategic Information.

●  Create insightful Environmental and Organizational Assessments.

●  Identify and prioritize key Strategic Issues.

●  Facilitate definition of Mission and Vision.

●  Develop focused Driving Strategies.

●  Define Tactical Action Plans that deliver effective Implementation.

●  Deploy powerful Execution.

●  Design mechanisms to ensure Communication, Accountability and Monitoring of the Plan.