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Below are success stories we've been privileged to facilitate. They are notable for their diversity. In each instance, the results described are a tribute to the quality of our client's leadership and management:

●  An expanding hospital in suburban Chicago is strategically managing its transition to a tertiary medical center. It is determined to retain those aspects of its past that have contributed to its reputation for being deeply connected to the community while simultaneously extending its clinical capabilities. It is making this transition in close coordination with the medical staff and with the visible leadership of the CEO and the Board. As the result of focused commitment to strategic differentiation, this hospital has emerged as a national benchmark for service excellence.

●  In a large Midwestern city, one of the two dominant health systems had experienced five years of multimillion dollar losses. The executive team, working closely with the Board of Directors, systematically examined the system's entire portfolio of operating units and carved it back to the "core". The result, orchestrated by the system's CEO, was a $20 million positive swing to profitability over a one year period.

●  One of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies committed itself to defining the characteristics that would be essential to hospital sustainability over a ten year time horizon. We worked with them to conduct the research and develop a model with nine CEOs of the nation's top health systems. That model and the study have been enthusiastically embraced by health systems nationwide.

●  A Washington-based association was a leader in facilitating innovative partnerships between US health providers and their counterparts in the former Soviet Union. Recognized by Colin Powell for creating a model that was having dramatic impacts, the association defined its future role beyond the former Soviet nations through a comprehensive strategic planning process.

●  For nearly a decade, an Illinois hospital achieved the distinction of being one of the most profitable in the nation. Restoring trust with physicians and involving more than 2,000 people in defining its future helped sustain this record of success.

●  A hospital in the Northeast wanted to integrate leading edge concepts from the emerging new field of complexity science into its strategic direction. Its executive team used this new perspective to build a challenging vision of its future.

●  One of Florida's most respected health systems had to reexamine the role of the physician group it formed at the beginning of the decade. It fully defined the future vision of the group within the system and the strategies it needed for success.

●  The dominant health system in northeastern Indiana needed help to create its first strategic plan. That plan gave impetus to a tradition of physician leadership.

●  The two most highly rated health systems in America needed to make critical strategic decisions. In one instance, the decision focused heavily on branding and in the other on the role of its member institutions.

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"...Strategy 101 is about making choices. You can't be all things to all must set limits on what you're trying to accomplish. The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do."

Michael Porter