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Here Are Views of The Beckham Company from Our Clients

"I had the pleasure of working with Dan Beckham over a five year period in my role as President and CEO of Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. I found him to be outstanding in terms of his ability to work with the administration, board and physicians, his communications skills, willingness to think out of the box and to deliver a superb product in a very timely fashion. He is particularly knowledgeable in physician issues and organizational challenges but also very expert in overall organizational planning." 
Duncan Finlay, M.D., President & CEO, Sarasota Memorial Hospital & Health Care System, Sarasota FL

"I want to thank you so much for the strategic planning support you've provided to me in leading the five-hospital group that make up the Cleveland Clinic Health System - East Region. The outcome of the process has exceeded my expectations beyond my wildest dreams. When I submitted our strategic plan early last fall to Dr. Floyd Loop, the CEO of The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, I was hoping for acceptance of the plan so we could drive my region to greater heights. Never did I expect that my plan would become a core element in the future of the entire system.
While very few ideas since 'fire' and the 'wheel' are new, it's safe to say that things like building a 'middle ground model,' established on a platform of clinical information technology, energized some great minds in our organization. They grabbed this idea and are running full speed ahead to an even more successful future for the organization as a whole. The 'driving strategies' you helped us develop in our planning process are now embedded within the organization."
Thomas Selden, President & CEO, Cleveland Clinic Health System - East Region, Cleveland, Ohio

"There are many strategic planning consultants that very effectively sell the 'process of planning.' A number of the accounting firms we interviewed were very direct about their ability to organize the strategic planning process. Dan's forte is really the art of strategic planning. He makes sense out of uncoordinated market trends. He helps organize thoughts into clear, consistent strategic theme that can be translated into actionable criteria. We believe this orientation makes Dan fundamentally a better consultant when compared to the other firms that emphasize the process."
Rick Klein, Vice President, St. Luke's Medical Center, Aurora Health System, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Dan's abilities as a consultant are many. First and foremost, he is an excellent thinker who grasps strategic implications and has the conceptual communications skills to articulate their consequences in clear and powerful terms.
I must also emphasize that Dan's wide experience nationally and his close observation of international marketing and quality trends has enabled him to glean the best and brightest ideas, to which he adds his own powerful analytical and creative abilities. His leadership roles with the American Marketing Association and his nationally read articles in Healthcare Forum are both evidence of Dan's strengths. Dan is a first class consultant."
Martyn Howgill, Senior Vice President, Methodist Hospital of Indiana, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana

"In every instance, I have found their work to be of the highest quality and completed in a timely fashion. Both are very dedicated, hardworking professionals who possess a keen sense, perception and insight. They communicate and listen extremely well as they conduct their various consulting assignments. I would highly recommend them as health care consultants who are extremely knowledgeable and highly competent."
Leighton Smith, M.D., President, Lutheran General Medical Group, Park Ridge, Illinois

"You and Lise Petrich have been the right combination to assist us through this very difficult subject. In particular, Lise has dealt with the involved physicians in an exceptional manner."
Jack Cook, President, The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I can easily sum up some of my impressions of Dan: Practical; Thorough; Follows through; Makes the job enjoyable; Communicates well - oral and written; Good facilitator of group; Able to synthesize information and present in document form; Available for consultation; Relates well to executives, board, physicians; Able to draw upon his experience, both vicariously and first hand; Well aware of national developments; Has worked with a variety of institutions, systems, physicians, and others; Humble; Creative; Small enough firm to give personal attention; Good teamwork from his end; Well respected

I hope the above gives a synthesis of some of my feelings about the fine work that he has done for us. I do give him a strong recommendation."
David Ridderheim, President & CEO, Parkview Health System, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"It is a great pleasure to serve as a reference for The Beckham Company. Parkview Health System has had an outstanding experience with this fine organization. As facilitators of our strategic planning process, Dan Beckham and his associate, Lise Petrich, were superb. They kept us on track without dominating the process, so it truly remained our strategic plan. They made sure that we received maximum value from our efforts through inclusion of implementation strategies and plans. Their outstanding knowledge base allowed us to minimize start-up time and background sessions. Our experience was far superior to previous strategic planning processes with other facilitators."
Frank Byrne, M.D., President, Parkview Hospital, Parkview Health System, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"Dan has a very non-threatening style which facilitates genuine communication. As a result, he is able to deal effectively with diverse groups, such as physicians and board members, in developing cohesive strategy. We were very pleased with Dan's performance and the outcome he was able to achieve; I would recommend him highly for similar projects."
Nicholas Desien, CEO, Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother Health System, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Many thanks again for helping us get the Mayo Foundation Marketing Resource Group up and running."
Patricia Simmons, M.D., Chair, Mayo Foundation Marketing Resource Group, Rochester, Minnesota

"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."

Winston Churchill