Strategy and leadership in health care

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Strategic Teamwork in Health Care: The Essential Role of Physicians Allowing physicians to participate in strategic health care discussions greatly enhances physician buy-in when it comes to implementation.

Toward a Strategy of Patient-Centered Access to Primary Care A blueprint for creating a multifaceted but coordinated patient-centered access strategy.

Team-Based Care at Mayo Clinic: A Model for ACOs Medical teamwork depends on culture as much as, or even more than, on structure.

Thinking Like Michael Porter The Harvard professor's books are required reading for health care leaders tackling strategy.

The Words of Leadership Strategic direction demands specific language, not vague and overused cliches.

Keep the Focus on Health Care's Core Value New payment models may be looming, but a health care organization's core value proposition regarding patient care needs to stay in focus.

The Power of a Good Argument Leaders in health care, be they physicians, nurses, executives or board members, are all entrusted with the responsibility to argue with particular vigor and intensity.

Time for Big Anthropology Numbers don't tell us everything we need to know. We must also consider human culture.

Moving into the Future Deliberately and Incrementally Boldly heading down a straight path is not the way to navigate a volatile environment.

Differentiating Physicians for Competitive Advantage The five A's - availability, affability, ability, affordability and accountability - can determine the success of your organization.

Hospitals Choosing to Join Networks Instead of Merging Affiliations can provide the benefits of sharing resources while avoiding the pitfalls of mergers.

Building a Durable Future Look at your organization from a variety of perspectives to see where you are headed and where you should go.

Fostering High-Speed Innovation in Health Care Hospitals and health systems interested in meaningful innovation will need to leave their comfort zone and reach out for insights elsewhere.

Making Strategy Happen: Keys to Powerful Implementation An organization needs a mission, resolve along with flexibility, openness to change and accountability.

Navigating the Future of Health Care It's foolhardy to assume you can see the future, let alone steer it. But you can ride it.

The Discipline of Success
To be a market leader, you need to excel in one of three disciplines and be good enough in the other two.

The Transformation of an Academic Medical Center The Medical University of South Carolina used planning principles to realize its aspirations.

Building a Team of Teams Self-organized groups of workers are the most dedicated and efficient models of productivity.

Articles on Strategy, Growth, Physicians and Leadership
By J. Daniel Beckham

"Long range planning does not deal with future decisions but with the future of present decisions."

Peter Drucker