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More Views of The Beckham Company from Our Clients

"During the process, Dan played a key role in leading the group in discussions about the important issues. He was able to elicit the areas that caused concern among members of the staff and encouraged discussion of those concerns. He maintained the momentum of the group. He did a thorough analysis of the local situation, which proved helpful in keeping the group focused on the reasons for developing a PHO."
Beatrice Murray, M.D., Grand Rapids Pediatrics, P.C., Butterworth Medical Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Dan has an excellent grasp of the health care trends nationally and relates these to your local environment. He is an extremely intelligent person, an excellent facilitator, a persuasive communicator and an ethical consultant. I am personally delighted to offer an outstanding reference for Dan Beckham."
Eugene Monroe, M.D., President, Milwaukee Medical Clinic, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Shortly after I joined Quorum, I had the opportunity to meet a bright, young consultant who had just joined our consulting organization as the 'thought leader.' While I had heard of Dan Beckham, I had not had the pleasure of meeting him. I was immediately impressed by your grasp of the health care business and the changes taking place within the industry. Admittedly, your ideas were much more progressive than we were ready to accept in the early days, but I watched as you repeatedly proved yourself correct in some of your prognostications about the present and the future. Your ability to excite an audience relative to your ideas, your ability to create lasting personal and professional relationships with our clients and your fellow consultants, and your never bending commitment to integrity in the commitments we made and the delivery of those services were outstanding attributes during our professional and personal association. On top of all of that, I have continued to be amazed by your ability to orchestrate discussion groups to cause us to think outside of the boxes and beyond what we thought might have been possible in some of our discussions and to help us zero in on some of the thoughtful strategies of the future." 
James E. Dalton, Jr., President & CEO, Quorum Health Group, Inc., Brentwood, Tennessee

"Throughout this engagement period, Dan has also provided ongoing advice and support on trends that he felt might have impact on St. Luke's. We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of work that Dan has provided and he has definitely played a part in the success that the organization has achieved throughout the past five years."
Mark Ambrosius, President, St. Luke's Medical Center, Aurora Health System, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"The Beckham Company recently facilitated the 2000-2003 Strategic Plan for St. Agnes HealthCare. Dan and Lise served as an extension of our management team. They worked well with our staff and physicians. They continually challenged all of us to be bold in our thinking, and the result was a new strategic vision and accompanying plan which positions St. Agnes well for the future."
Robert W. Adams, President & CEO, St. Agnes HealthCare, Baltimore, Maryland

"Holzer Medical Center recently engaged The Beckham Company to lead an in-depth Strategic Planning process for the organization. The input into the process was extensive and the work of the Strategy Team was intensive. However, the entire process from kick-off to Board approval took only four months. This was due to the highly efficient manner in which Dan Beckham and Lise Petrich facilitated the process. They provided enough information, feedback and leadership to keep us focused and on task, but never pushed for closure on an issue before we were ready. In other words, they drove the process, not the outcome. Dan and Lise brought complementary skills to our process, drawing from a wealth of experience in a variety of settings. They got 'inside' our organization to understand its unique challenges and opportunities. Also, they were very helpful in supporting strategies that were "outside the box.'"
LaMar Wyse, President & CEO, Holzer Medical Center, Gallipolis, Ohio

"The Benedictine Health System has enjoyed the services of The Beckham Company for the past five years. Most recently, The Beckham Company assisted our System in crafting a new strategic plan and direction. This 12-month process led the Governing Board, senior management team and our facility administrators through a defined process which resulted in not only a new strategic plan, but a whole new definition of the role and function of the Benedictine Health System. Your abilities to listen to our needs, facilitate our discussion and provide innovative suggestions were critical to our planning process. On behalf of our System, I would like to thank you for sharing your talent, wisdom and expertise with us."
Barry J. Halm, President & CEO, Benedictine Health System, Duluth, Minnesota

"Dan and Lise kept the process moving on time and elicited significant involvement from the above groups and persons. That is an art and talent which should not be undervalued and which ultimately enhanced our strategic plan benefit and acceptance. Additionally, they brought their significant insight from working with organizations large and small throughout the country and challenged us to think creatively and aggressively. Both Dan and Lise were able to keep all of us focused on strategy as opposed to operational issues and likewise provided assistance in developing scorecard measures for determining the success of strategy implementation. As a result, our organization now has new statements of mission, vision and values as well as six driving strategies upon which a series of multi-disciplinary strategy implementation teams are heavily focused. This new plan is clearly helping to drive our capital and operating budgets."
Richard A. Brvenik, President & CEO, Windham Hospital, Willimantic, Connecticut

"The Beckham group provided excellent facilitation and guidance in our last system-wide strategic planning process. Dan's insight was invaluable during the process, and he demonstrated great rapport with both our Board of Trustees and Medical Staff. With his leadership, we completed our institution's most comprehensive, inclusive and successful strategic planning process. They continue to assist our organization by providing valuable, ongoing guidance as we implement our plans. It is without reservation that I highly recommend Dan Beckham and The Beckham Company to other health care organizations for consulting and strategic planning projects."
Alan Newberry, President & CEO, Peninsula Regional Health System, Salisbury, Maryland

"Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there."

John Kotter