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Abbott Laboratories engaged The Beckham Company to assist it with the development of a model for the "sustainable hospital enterprise of the future."

The yearlong project involved extensive research with hospital and physician leaders nationwide as well as the integration of insights from some of America's most sustainable non-healthcare enterprises (Walmart, Microsoft, GE and Southwest Airlines).

CEOs from nine health systems then participated in a multi-day effort to distill a "model for sustainability." The results of the project are summarized in an 80-page monograph .

The model is currently being applied. CEOs from the following organizations participated:

●  Joel Allison, CEO, Baylor Health Care System, Dallas, TX

●  Ron Ashworth, CEO, Sisters of Mercy Health System, St. Louis, MO

●  David Bernd, CEO, (Chair-elect of the AHA), Sentara Healthcare, Norfolk, VA

●  Peter Butler, CEO, Rush North Shore Medical Center, Skokie, IL

●  Peter Fine, CEO, Banner Health System, Phoenix, AZ

●  Gary Mecklenburg, CEO, Northwestern Memorial Health Care System, Chicago, IL

●  Judith Pelham, CEO, Trinity Health, Novi, MI

●  Stephen Reynolds, CEO, Baptist Memorial Health Care Corp., Memphis, TN

●  Michael Wood, M.D., CEO, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

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Abbott Laboratories Study on
The Sustainable Hospital Enterprise

"60% of my costs over the next decade will be basically in 12 to 18 chronic diseases."

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