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Why Engage The Beckham Company?

High levels of involvement with our clients. The Beckham Company brings "partner level" expertise to every project. We never hand off work to junior level consultants. Because of their higher overhead structure and the need for partners to constantly sell new business in large consulting firms, senior experts often dedicate little time to client projects. We are intentionally small and we accept a limited number of engagements. As a result we're able to stay involved in all aspects of the projects we conduct. What you see, is what you get.

National recognition for contributions to strategic planning
. Dan Beckham is widely known for his articles and speeches related to business strategy in health care. Since 1983, we have helped more than 150 hospitals and physician groups develop and implement market-based strategic plans We are nationally recognized for contributions to strategy and strategic planning.

Pioneering development of integration models. We have published award winning articles on the challenges of creating integrated delivery systems and speak often on the topic. We have helped clients nationwide build new integration models for delivering care. Many our clients are recognized as benchmarks for meaningful integration as well as for superior clinical quality and service excellence.

Intimacy with the needs of physicians . Each year, we conduct personal interviews with hundreds of physicians. This interaction has helped develop a strong understanding of the needs and concerns of physicians. We have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with physicians nationwide to develop an organized response to the challenges and opportunities they face. Some of our clients include America's most respected group practices.

Deep experience with physician integration and group practices . We have had a long involvement with group practice having heralded its ascendancy several years ago in well-read articles. We undertook a widely-based study of the most successful group practices in the United States. We have consulted to the Mayo Clinic. Our clients have also included other large multispecialty group practices.

We are experienced. We have broad national experience working with more than 150 hospitals and health systems in more than 19 states. Our clients have included large urban medical centers and small rural institutions, nonprofit as well as for profit organizations, academic medical centers and suburban university hospitals. We have worked with county hospital districts. We have also worked with several large multispecialty group practices. We have worked with urban, suburban and rural hospitals. Our clients include hospitals ranging from 100 beds to over 1,000. We have worked for academic medical centers and community providers. See Clients for the complete list of organizations.

Long involvement with managed care. Through our work for clients in markets dominated by managed care like Minnesota, Florida and California, we've developed an in-depth understanding of the drivers for success in the kind of environment likely to characterize health care economics within the next three to four years.

Strong understanding of hospital and practice operations. The destiny of hospitals and physicians is highly related. Effective management of the cost, quality and access requires attention to be focused across both the hospital and the physician's practice. 

Knowledge of the investor-owned sector . Dan's and Lise's tenure with Quorum gave them a solid grounding in culture and strategies of for-profit organizations. Involvement with Quorum's successful IPO established linkages with the Wall Street investment banking community. This experience is complemented by Dan's five years as a member of management at American Hospital Supply Corporation and Baxter.

We have built an exceptional track record related to profitable growth. Few consulting firms can match our experience in bringing a strong market perspective to strategic planning. Our clients have enjoyed impressive growth in profitable market share that has significantly impacted their financial performance. We are widely recognized for our unique level of knowledge and experience related to health care branding and positioning. Both Dan and Lise are recipients of prestigious awards presented for marketing results by the American Marketing Association. Dan is a past chairman of the board of the American Marketing Association.

We work productively with diverse stakeholders. Our projects routinely involve not only executive teams but also governing boards and physician leaders as well as business and community leaders. We're comfortable working at the highest level of the organizations that engage us.

We have experience as executives in hospitals. We have experience as hospital and health system executives. We understand the complex challenges hospitals and their leaders face.

We partner with our clients. Everybody has something to bring to the development of an effective Strategic Plan. The contributions of the executive team are fundamental. Our clients bring a familiarity with their market and organizational realities no consultant can hope to match. They also bring their own valuable strategic insights. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with executive teams to create Strategic Plans they can stand behind. We are committed to a relationship of respect and trust. We get deeply involved and are committed to helping achieve our clients' hopes and aspirations.

We help create strategic plans that make a difference. It is our clients that produce the results. But they'll tell you that our work on their behalf made a substantial contribution to their efforts. Some of our engagements have led to substantial financial turnarounds. Others have led already successful organizations to higher levels of success. And some have restored trust and productive working relationships.

"As facilitators of our strategic planning process, Dan Beckham and his associate, Lise Petrich, were superb. They kept us on track without dominating the process, so it truly remained our strategic plan."

Frank Byrne, M.D.
President, Parkview Hospital
Fort Wayne, IN