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 Growth Plans and Marketing 

Today, hospitals and health systems face the most significant financial pressure in the past fifty years. There are, of course, two possible responses to this situation:

1) Cut costs - This is an obligation of management in every situation - during good times and bad. It is not a strategic responsibility. It is a day-to-day organizational obligation.

2) Increase revenues - There are only two paths to increased revenues. Either sell more of your existing services. Or sell new services. Either way, you've got to grow market share. Growing market share is the primary strategic responsibility of management.

must be the primary focus. Some consulting firms position themselves as "financially focused." Some position themselves as "human resource-based." Others contend they are "operations oriented." But finances are an outcome, not a cause (no customers, no finances). Human resources are a means (without customers there is no need for a work force). And operations is the method (without customers, there is nothing to operate).

We know how to generate profitable growth. Dan Beckham is a former chairman of the world's largest professional marketing organization, the American Marketing Association. Lise Petrich is recognized for her ability to drive market share. Through its consulting work and writing, The Beckham Company has played a central role in helping invent what marketing is in health care. More importantly, our clients represent some of the most successful institutions in health care when it comes to growth. We've helped them:

●  Identify the unique needs of the market.

●  Build new services and product lines.

●  Tune existing services to the market.

●  Define high impact strategies that increase growth.

●  Develop powerful branding and market position.

We can build comprehensive growth plans for the entire enterprise or for individual facilities and service lines.

Positioning Plans

Physician Growth Plans

"The first responsibility of business is to make enough profit to cover the costs for the future. If this social responsibility is not met, no other social responsibility can be met."

Peter Drucker