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Positioning Plans

One of the most critical issues facing health care organizations that are seeking to create a more competitive image is "positioning." Positioning concerns itself with how the hospital or health system will seek to differentiate itself and its services from those of competitors. Until this basic strategic question is addressed, branding and marketing are likely to be "off target."

The Beckham Company helps a health care organization discover and enhance its position in the "mind of the marketplace". The strategies and tactics we recommend will be based upon the answers we get to the following questions:

●   What is the hospital's present position in each of its critical markets (physicians, consumers, and employers)? 

●   What are the positions of key competitors?

●   What positions are available to the hospital?

●   What position is going to be the most strategically advantageous to the hospital?

●   How can the desired position be articulated and translated into communications?

●   How must the hospital operations be modified to reflect its positioning strategy?

The Positioning Plan will address in a comprehensive way the development of an advantageous image and brand in the minds of the organization's most important customers. We're able to finish a Positioning Plan within six to eight weeks.

Growth Plans and Marketing

Physician Growth Plans

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