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 Physician Relationship Plans 

Research with CEOs around the nation reveals a consensus when it comes to identifying the most pressing challenges facing hospitals and health systems in the next few years - building productive relationships with physicians. Contributing to that challenge are a number of factors:

●  There has been an explosion in the number of entrepreneurial single specialty hospitals, surgicenters as well as imaging and diagnostic centers. Increasingly, these niche players are being led by and financed by physicians.

●  High visibility problems related to quality and clinical errors threaten to erode the reputation of hospitals and the industry as a whole. It will be impossible to effectively manage the quality and cost of care without the committed involvement of physicians.

●  A new generation of physicians is entering medicine with a much higher level of interest in lifestyle and security than their predecessors. These physicians, uninterested in hanging out their own shingle, are looking for organizational support. They want to be part of something. Those organizations that offer practice infrastructure will have an advantage in linking with physicians for the long haul.

●  Many physicians and hospitals are still smarting from efforts in the late ‘90s designed to create higher levels of integration and alignment. Failed PHOs and practice acquisitions have left both sides reluctant to reengage.

●  Trust is deteriorating between hospitals and physicians. The division and isolation that results ultimately make them both vulnerable to competitors. Planning together and working on mutual objectives is the surest path to restoring trust.

For a growing number of health systems, the relationship with physicians has moved to the top of their priority list. The Beckham Company is uniquely equipped to help meet the challenge of turning the physician relationship into a strategic advantage. Since 1983, we have worked with some of the nation’s most successful hospitals and health systems to strengthen and fortify their physician relationships. 

By working closely with executives and physician leaders, we help build a Physician Relationship Plan on a foundation of trust and mutual need. We begin with extensive personal interviews and then proceed to team-based design sessions that result in a variety of structures and processes that give the physician relationship the consistency and impact needed to make them sustainable. 

The first step in creating a Physician Relationship Plan is development of a proposal crafted to your unique needs. There’s no obligation. If you’d like to explore how a Physician Relationship Plan can contribute to the success of your organization, please give us a call.


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