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"Innovation requires results that make a difference. That's how to distinguish it from creativity. True innovation doesn't need to be creative or bold. It may be a series of incremental improvements that add up to a big improvement overall. Innovation works for a living. Creativity doesn't have to."

Dan Beckham

Physician Growth Plans 

After watching their budgets eaten up by advertising campaigns with uncertain returns, a lot of hospital executives are reaffirming what common sense suggested to them in the beginning - the highest payback on their marketing investment is likely to come from efforts focused on physicians.

At The Beckham Company, we've always put physicians at the center of the strategies we develop for our clients. We provide health care organizations with comprehensive Physician Growth Plans. They're action-oriented game plans for building your market position by concentrating on your most direct route to new patients - your doctors. Our strategies can help:

●  Assess the strategic soundness of your physicians' practice locations.

●  Select physicians for marketing assistance whose specialties hold the promise of significant impact on your hospital's utilization and financial performance.

●  Create strong consumer awareness and preference for the unique capabilities of your key physicians.

●  Build the practices of new physicians without threatening those of established physicians.

●  Provide the optimal mix of physicians necessary to maximize the hospital's market position.

●  Identify and support the efforts of "physician entrepreneurs."

●  Strategically manage the "aging" of your medical staff.

●  Define the key strengths and vulnerabilities of your competitors' physician networks.

●  "Package" and "merchandise" the practices of physicians.

Many of today's most successful physician strategies were pioneered by the consultants of The Beckham Company. We continue to develop innovative approaches for building hospital success by enhancing physician competitiveness. Our approach to physician planning is systematic. It's comprehensive. It's practical. It produces results you can measure.

Typically, we can complete a Physician Growth Plan in less than twelve weeks. And, we can help you implement it.