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Physicians and Strategic Planning

No relationship is more critical to the success of a hospital or a health system than its relationship with physicians. And perhaps at no time in the history of American health care has that fundamental relationship been as challenged as it is today by issues related to communication, economic conflict and mistrust.

A solid strategic planning process that incorporates physicians as active participants in designing a successful future is a proven method for generating communication about what's most important, aligning and rationalizing economic interests and building a relationship of trust.

The assumptions underpinning a lot of strategic plans didn't pan out. Today, in hundreds of boardrooms, executive suites and medical staff lounges, leaders are coming to the same conclusion. It's time for a new plan. And increasingly, executives, trustees and physicians are resolving to plan together.

Since 1983, The Beckham Company has been helping some of health care's most successful hospitals and health systems develop strategic plans. We've demonstrated our ability to bring to bear process and facilitation that restores the fundamental relationship with physicians. Physicians and health care executives alike point to the maturity, experience and integrity we bring to our work. And long before it became fashionable, we have brought physicians into the strategic planning process as full partners in the future of our hospital clients.

If you're like many of your colleagues throughout the industry, you're thinking about how to guide your organization into a future that isn't what it used to be. We can help.

Physician Growth Plans 

Physician Relationship Plans


"Not so many years ago, health systems considered physicians a commodity they could purchase and control for the systems' own financial gain. It didn't work out that way."

Modern Healthcare
August 7, 2000