Strategy and leadership in health care

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Our Approach to Strategic Planning

In recent research studies, health care CEOs put their priorities in perspective - strategic planning and growth were identified as their top concerns. In today's increasingly competitive environment, it's easy to understand why.

A well formulated strategic plan can provide a number of benefits. First of all, it can, as a number of studies have confirmed, allow an organization to outperform its competitors. It can provide management, board, physicians, and the rest of the organization with a common sense of direction. It can create shared commitment and focus. It can help ensure that operational, financial, and marketing objectives mesh. And, most important, it provides a game plan for securing the future.

At The Beckham Company, we've helped health care organizations nationwide develop strategic plans - strategic plans with a difference. They integrate the very latest thinking on competitive strategy. And they're designed from the onset to be implemented, not to gather dust on the shelf. A Beckham Company strategic plan can help your organization:

●  Understand the needs of its community, patients and customers as well as the capabilities of competitors.

●  Ensure that investments are focused in the areas of greatest opportunity.

●  Meet its community's needs better than its competitors.

●  Energize and focus board, physicians, management and employees.

●  Build a broadened sense of ownership among the organization's stakeholders.

●  Pursue synergistic relationships with other participants in its marketplace.

●  Create an organization with the financial, operational and human resources necessary to effectively execute the competitive strategies.

Throughout the planning process, we strive to keep things simple . The final document that's produced isn't voluminous. It's straightforward enough that the concepts that underlie it can be easily articulated and understood. Some of the best strategic plans have been scratched on the back of a restaurant napkin. Which proves that, in the end, it's the quality of the thinking and the level of organizational commitment that determines the difference between a winning game plan and a loser.

We usually complete a strategic plan in four to six months.

"Long range planning does not deal with future decisions but with the future of present decisions."

Peter Drucker