Strategy and leadership in health care

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Our Strategic Planning Commitments

Throughout every engagement, we bring to the planning process:

Listening - It's difficult for a consultant to absorb information and be an effective mirror to an organization if he or she is doing most of the talking. We'll probe with critical questions then let the client share its experiences, expectations and desires.

Learning - Every client is unique. We invest ourselves not only in learning from our direct interchanges with the client but from our own initiatives to research the region and people it currently serves as well as those it might serve in the future.

Process - Our process is straightforward and proven. We've been employing it and improving it for more than 20 years. It melds the thinking of leading strategic thinkers like Michael Porter, Gary Hamel and Phil Kotler into a coherent model. It is a model we will apply with confidence.

Facilitation - We are trained facilitators. We are also experienced facilitators. We are comfortable and effective building participation, alignment and commitment across diverse stakeholders including physicians, Fortune 100 executives and front line employees. We bring a rich and varied set of flexible facilitation tools to our work.

Strategic thinking - We are students and practitioners of strategy. Strategy is all we do. And we love what we do. The quality of our strategic thinking can be seen not only in the success of our clients but in the writing we do on the topic. Dan has authored approximately 100 articles, most of them related to strategic thinking.

Management - An effective strategic planning process doesn't just happen. It requires lots of attention. It must be actively orchestrated. We partner with our clients to provide such management.

Respect - Part of our challenge in each project will be to more fully discover, distill and articulate the strategies that have allowed the client to succeed in the past. These strategies are leveraged into the future wherever appropriate.

Integrity - We earn trust and respect. We do this by working hard with the client's interests foremost. And by consistently delivering on our commitments. But we also challenge our clients when we feel it's appropriate.

Enthusiasm - We are energetic in our role as consultants. We enjoy what we do.

"Energy and persistence conquer all things."

Benjamin Franklin