Strategy and leadership in health care

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As health care consultants focused on strategic planning, we typically spend four to six months working with a client. And we often involve hundreds of people across the organization in the strategic planning process.

However, on occasion, we're asked to provide a "quick" strategic assessment and offer our recommendations. We call the process we've developed to respond to these requests a Strategic Diagnostic.

Our Strategic Diagnostic brings 20 years of experience in health care strategy to bear over a two-day period and delivers the following benefits:

Insight from a strategy consulting firm that serves health care's most successful organizations.

● An unencumbered outside perspective on what's most important strategically in your situation.

● A fast turnaround that generates momentum for strategic change.

● State-of-the-art principles of strategy . No consulting firm writes or speaks more on the topic of strategy in health care than we do.

● A process that involves key stakeholders in identifying strategic issues and responses.

Here's the approach we take:

- Distribute an assessment survey for completion by executive management, physician leaders and the board of trustees. We review, analyze and summarize the results in a written report.

- Conduct a telephone conference call with the CEO and other members of the executive management team. This structured one-hour call ensures that our work is well targeted to the needs and concerns of the organization .

- We travel to your institution and conduct an update on "What's Happening in Health Care?" to identify key trends and developments shaping the industry. We also integrate into this presentation our preliminary observations specific to the client's situation. This presentation is two hours long and is held in the late afternoon. It is targeted to a general audience through open invitation to executives, management, physicians and trustees. The update provides a context for the client's issue identification and strategy development .

- After the update session, we conduct one of three group Issue Sessions focused to identification of critical strategic issues. These Issue Sessions are two hours long and targeted to the executive management team, physician leaders and trustees. (A session is dedicated to each stakeholder group.) Typically, we conduct the Issue Session for physician leaders first .

- We conduct the second Issue Session (usually targeted to trustees). Immediately following that, we hold the third Issue Session (typically involving executive management).

- After the Issue Sessions have been completed, we break away to synthesize what we've heard and formulate an overview that conveys prioritized critical Strategic Issues as well as our recommendations on What to Do.

- Finally, we conclude our engagement with a 2 1/2 hour presentation to a combined meeting of executive management, physician leaders and trustees. In these presentations we use summary overheads/slides we develop onsite (the client retains these overheads which comprise the only written document supplied) to communicate the results of the Strategic Diagnostic .

"What do you want to achieve or avoid? The answers to this question are objectives. How will you go about achieving your desired results? The answer to this you can call strategy."

William E. Rothschild

Strategic Diagnostic